"The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, the spirit heals with joy." Proverb

Lisa is the proud recipient of the 2022 Business Woman of the Year Awards in the Entrepreneurial Leader - Startup category.


The seed for Bloom was planted in 2018 over a cup of coffee between Andrea Plitz and Lisa Flanders.

Their shared desire to cultivate a space devoted to offering holistic health care and functional movement soon flourished, bridging the gap between one on one care and return to function, fitness and performance. 

Collaborating with a team of uniquely skilled clinicians, Bloom continues to grow and proudly serve the Ottawa and surrounding community since September 2019.


Integrative health care for all individuals through applied therapeutics including diverse manual therapies, dry needling, acupuncture, cupping and more. Offering private high performance rehab & training, one on one and small group evidence-based therapeutic movement; nutritional support, lifestyle medicine and a myriad of workshops to support you: body and mind. Provided in person and/or virtually.

Clinical experience in treating conditions that affect women more or differently than men. 

Our therapists’ unique backgrounds of orthopedic, women’s health and pelvic floor physiotherapy, coupled with their individualized movement and fitness experience, provides a holistic paradigm to your health, movement & quality of life.

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As the keystone to our spine, the pelvis and its relationship to the abdomen (and rest of the body) has a highly undervalued importance to our overall function, performance and quality of life. Includes concerns related to this area and its contents (bladder, bowel, sexual, reproductive & musculoskeletal).

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Life after diagnosis and medical treatment of cancer can leave people with a myriad of functional and quality of life impairments. Focused on manual and movement therapies including manual lymphatic drainage, and authorized for fitting compression garments and walkers.

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Tailored rehab and recovery in community to enhance your return to function and performance with added financial, social, and emotional benefits. 

Provided in small groups both in person and virtually. May be covered by extended health insurance. Conditions apply.

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Individualized whole-system care to find the root cause of concerns, empower individuals to take control of their health, and help restore optimal body and mind function. Some approaches include lab testing, herbal medicine, acupuncture, vitamins and minerals, dietary counselling and lifestyle support. 

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By restoring movement and vitality, osteopathic treatment helps relieve chronic pain and regain a natural ability for healing and healthy physiological function. Through osteoarticular normalizations, myofascial release, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy, osteopathy promotes a reintegration of balance within.

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Assessment and treatment of physical dysfunction, injury, and pain through manual methods like mobilization and manual therapy. Registered Massage Therapy plays a vital role in physical wellbeing, addressing acute and chronic conditions to promote physical function and relieve pain. Covered by most private insurance benefits (verify your coverage).

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Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, we integrate body and mind through loading, challenging, and strengthening with movement.  This sets you up for movement synergy and allows the body to function better preventing injury and promoting optimization.

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For allied health care professionals (or those in training) looking for clinical or business supervision &/or mentorship in relation to women’s and pelvic health physiotherapy.

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Community access fund. All contributions go towards fully funding a treatment plan for an at-risk individuals throughout the pre or post natal period.