Andrea Plitz


Clinical Practice Area: Women’s & Pelvic Health, Orthopedic and Pain Science

Areas of Interest: women’s and pelvic health including pregnancy and postnatal care, athletic performance in young women and girls, complex or persistent musculoskeletal conditions that have plateaued or not responded as expected with traditional care including concussion rehab.

As a physiotherapist and yoga teacher Andrea loves to blend the science and art of biomechanical diagnosis and holistic therapeutics with movement, energy, and breath. She believes a big part of that is helping people to reconnect with their bodies in a new and individualized way taking into consideration their unique health and movement profile. This allows the body and mind to work together to enhance outcomes, integrating positive change in an easy and holistic manner to improve health, function, and movement, returning to oneness. 

A combination of manual therapy including gentle joint mobilizations, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, exercise rehabilitation including integration of breath, Yoga, Pilates, Hypopressives – Low Pressure Fitness, and other mindful movement therapies, are used in a protocol-free, individualized and functional approach. More recently, Andrea has also been exploring and taking advanced trainings in Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine to understand and support the deeper biochemistry of patients in relation to their complaints. 


Andrea has taken numerous post-graduate courses including having extensively trained in, and currently working on her Certification of, the Integrated Systems Model (Lee & Lee) which looks at the person as an interconnected network of their structural components (i.e. articular, myofascial, visceral, and neural), how they align, move and control those movements, as well as how their personal beliefs, story and emotions contribute to their complaints. This allows her to more efficiently and effectively identify and treat major contributing factors of a person’s dysfunction for a holistic recovery (and to refer to an alternative care provider should it be required). 




In her spare moments, she enjoys spending time and playing with her busy toddler, energetic Labradoodle, husband, friends and family.

She loves trying new forms of movement including Yoga, Pilates, running, skiing, paddle boarding and more.