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Safe Return

A Safe Return to In Person Care

Since March 16th, 2020 we have shifted our practice to offering Virtual Care as an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  As of May 14th, the Ontario government released the first stage of their reopening plan. Unfortunately, this did not include any changes to the existing advice on practice restrictions for physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors …

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The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project: Treat Yo’self By Treating Someone Else

Since opening our doors in September, we have had the privilege of connecting with many women facing a variety of health concerns that leave them feeling isolated and unable to relate to others in their struggles.
Establishing these meaningful connections has inspired us to directly support a cause that is addressing feelings of loneliness and segregation faced by women who are living at or using the services local agencies and shelters in Ottawa.

The Shoebox Project is a simple and creative way to add a bit of sparkle to someone’s holiday, because everyone deserves more than just basic necessities of living.

Taking a deeper and more specific look: The use of real time ultrasound for abdominal-pelvic rehab

Taking a Deeper and More Specific Look: The Use of Real Time Ultrasound for Abdominal-Pelvic Rehab

We are so excited to offer the use of real time ultrasound (RTUS) imaging as an adjunct to our clinical and manual tests for abdominal-pelvic physiotherapy. It is the same type of ultrasound that physicians use to look at a baby in utero. It is used to identify potential issues in organs or inflammation in a tendon. However, we will be able to do it in house and with a focus on abdominal-pelvic health concerns.