Caroline Warne DOMP, MEng, BSc


Caroline Warne is a bilingual French-English osteopathic manual practitioner, passionate about health and wellbeing.

Having obtained her diploma of osteopathy in Switzerland, she has a strong foundation in structural osteopathy. Although her approach is singular to osteopathy, her treatment modalities include visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, musculoskeletal normalizations, deep tissue massage, Muscle Energy Techniques, cupping therapy and myofascial release. Her well-rounded tool box allows for treatments that address specifically what maintains imbalance in the body.

Caroline believes in the innate intelligence of the body and its capacity to auto-regulate, and views her work as simply assisting in this process. She combines thorough assessments and an intuitive approach to treatment to address the true state of the person under all facets: physical, emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual.

caroline warne osteopath


Caroline Warne’s dedication to providing high quality services is transparent and her thirst for knowledge keeps her busy with multiple continuing education courses every year. She has thoroughly enjoyed workshops on paediatric osteopathy, prenatal massage, cupping therapy, ear candling, Reiki (master level), medicinal plants and kinesio-taping. This year, she will be taking intensive workshops to deepen her knowledge on visceral manipulation.



Caroline is a nature lover, and in her free time enjoys discovering indigenous plants with her children and tending her mini-vegetable garden.