Breath Work


Telerehabilitation for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. Really?

As we attempt to provide care in a unique and safe way, in the form of Telerehabilitation, there can be a sense of loss or comparison against what we are used to. This makes sense as we are creatures of habit and Physiotherapy is traditionally quite physically and hands on based.  However, there are many …

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decrease stress

Decrease Stress through Breath to Support your Nervous System

You have probably heard of the “fight or flight” response, this is our body’s defence mechanism
against threats and stress, called the sympathetic nervous system. This response is necessary
when we are in threatening situation and is what is responsible for the stories you hear about a
mother who lifts a car of her child or the man who fights off a grizzly bear in the woods, it’s also
what is responsible for the butterflies in your stomach before a big presentation.

Urinary Leakage

Path of the Breath: Optimize Pressures to Limit Urinary Leakage

Consciously connecting to pelvic floor just before and holding it during a cough or sneeze (aka “the knack”) can be a very helpful and functional way to limit urine leakage. However, we also need to think about and manage pressures above – especially if “kegeling” is not working for you. Check out this video to assist your pelvic floor even more with this simple breath awareness technique.