Integrative Health

Group Physiotherapy: An Effective and Affordable Alternative to Individual Care

Physiotherapy is an essential component of quality healthcare that helps individuals recover from injuries and chronic conditions, improves mobility, and promotes overall well-being. While individualised physiotherapy assessment and treatment are required at the outset of a treatment plan, lack of alternative options may be limiting the success for many.   Group physiotherapy, as an alternative, has …

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Blossom this Spring with Bloom’s 30 Day Wellness Challenge

#bloomhealthchallenge Join Bloom this April for a 30 day spring wellness challenge, chalked full of positive and healthy self care activities! All content is curated and provided by our interdisciplinary healthcare team at Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre. At the same time, enjoy a little healthy competition to get 10% off any of Bloom’s …

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Infertility: When Should You Seek Help?

[ Disclaimer ] There are many different types of people and couples on the path towards creating new life. In this article, we refer to cis-female and cis-male individuals, but we recognize there exists more people trying to conceive outside of these genders. We also refer to the individual testing and roles that cis-females and …

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Postpartum Thyroid Health: An often overlooked contribution to fatigue and other “normal” concerns

In the whirlwind of postpartum, changing bodies and new symptoms get overlooked or inappropriately labelled as “just normal”. While the focus is mostly on babe, Mom’s concerns can get ignored or trivialized.  My first real experience of this was when A.G., a new mama to a five month old babe, came to see me. She …

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Safe Return

A Safe Return to In Person Care

Since March 16th, 2020 we have shifted our practice to offering Virtual Care as an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  As of May 14th, the Ontario government released the first stage of their reopening plan. Unfortunately, this did not include any changes to the existing advice on practice restrictions for physiotherapists, naturopathic doctors …

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Telerehabilitation for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. Really?

As we attempt to provide care in a unique and safe way, in the form of Telerehabilitation, there can be a sense of loss or comparison against what we are used to. This makes sense as we are creatures of habit and Physiotherapy is traditionally quite physically and hands on based.  However, there are many …

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Adaptability, Creativity & Telemedicine

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we all are having to think fast and become even more adaptable and creative in how we work. For us in the healthcare industry this includes how we provide care for those who are unable to make it in person to the clinic to receive care. However, we understand this can …

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Telerehab Physiotherapy: Comparable to In-Person Care… well almost.

Physiotherapy is a profession that is, at its core, a very physical health care modality. We are experts in movement and movement conditions that affect people’s’ day to day including quality of life and optimal physical functioning or performance. So while it makes sense that the majority of care is provided in person and hands …

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Cesarean Birth

Physiotherapy after a Cesarean Birth

One of the most common myths I hear as a Women’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist is that women who have experienced a cesarean birth do not need pelvic floor physiotherapy as their pelvic floor “was not affected”. On the contrary, I HIGHLY recommend seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist minimum 6 weeks postpartum regardless of whether you’ve experienced a vaginal or cesarean birth.

Personal Lubricant

It’s Not TMI: Personal Lubricants

Let’s talk about personal lubricant. Lubricant is great for reducing vaginal dryness, which is highly necessary in the early post-partum period or with menopause. Lubricants come in a variety of forms, the most common being water-based options, followed by silicone and oil-based varieties. Choosing the type of lubricant that works best for you is primarily …

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decrease stress

Decrease Stress through Breath to Support your Nervous System

You have probably heard of the “fight or flight” response, this is our body’s defence mechanism
against threats and stress, called the sympathetic nervous system. This response is necessary
when we are in threatening situation and is what is responsible for the stories you hear about a
mother who lifts a car of her child or the man who fights off a grizzly bear in the woods, it’s also
what is responsible for the butterflies in your stomach before a big presentation.

The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project: Treat Yo’self By Treating Someone Else

Since opening our doors in September, we have had the privilege of connecting with many women facing a variety of health concerns that leave them feeling isolated and unable to relate to others in their struggles.
Establishing these meaningful connections has inspired us to directly support a cause that is addressing feelings of loneliness and segregation faced by women who are living at or using the services local agencies and shelters in Ottawa.

The Shoebox Project is a simple and creative way to add a bit of sparkle to someone’s holiday, because everyone deserves more than just basic necessities of living.

Taking a deeper and more specific look: The use of real time ultrasound for abdominal-pelvic rehab

Taking a Deeper and More Specific Look: The Use of Real Time Ultrasound for Abdominal-Pelvic Rehab

We are so excited to offer the use of real time ultrasound (RTUS) imaging as an adjunct to our clinical and manual tests for abdominal-pelvic physiotherapy. It is the same type of ultrasound that physicians use to look at a baby in utero. It is used to identify potential issues in organs or inflammation in a tendon. However, we will be able to do it in house and with a focus on abdominal-pelvic health concerns.

Urinary Leakage

Path of the Breath: Optimize Pressures to Limit Urinary Leakage

Consciously connecting to pelvic floor just before and holding it during a cough or sneeze (aka “the knack”) can be a very helpful and functional way to limit urine leakage. However, we also need to think about and manage pressures above – especially if “kegeling” is not working for you. Check out this video to assist your pelvic floor even more with this simple breath awareness technique.

Sports Performance and the Pelvic Floor

Sports Performance & the Pelvic Floor

As such, all of us, and especially athletes, need a healthy, adaptable and resilient pelvic floor to enhance the capacity of the “deep” or “anticipatory” core muscles (also including the respiratory diaphragm, transverse abdominis, and multifidus) to allow for speed, agility, coordination, and overall performance. Especially due to its close proximity to the deep hip musculature that is used for a lot of sports.