Group Offerings

Bespoke for Body + Mind

Whether feeling good enough but concerned for the future, having years of poor habits creep up on you, plateauing with traditional care, or currently under active medical care: we have you covered. 

Add more successful challenge to safely and specifically progress your recovery, prevention and return to health or high performance.

Join us for unique in person and/or virtual offerings including workshops, courses or weekly series.


Physio rehab CLASSES*

Created, curated and taught by regulated healthcare providers, these uniquely tailored and evidence-based classes are perfect for those who are injured, at risk or have complex medical concerns that make it difficult or impossible to attend traditional fitness or movement classes.

These small group classes (no more than 5 participants) integrate knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology of various medical conditions or injuries, providing relevant sequencing, modifications, props and the like to support and nourish your health and recovery. 

Most are offered in a 4-6 week series of 45-75 minute classes which will provide some basic theory and key concepts, progressively integrated throughout the class and over the sessions. We will start slow and build upon a foundation of optimal movement patterns and awareness, towards overall movement and health goals.

*Possibly covered under private extended health insurance.