Claudia Wagner Searle,



Clinical Practice Area: Orthopedics, Neurological, Women’s & Pelvic Health

Areas of Interest: Women’s and pelvic health, female athletes, all musculoskeletal conditions and neurological conditions 

After a 4-year undergrad in human kinetics, Claudia chose to pursue her career in physiotherapy to help people work through movement to improve their quality of life. After working on a research project comparing the female anatomy to the male anatomy and the risk for running injuries, Claudia quickly developed an interest in the field. As an avid female runner, she found her passion in women’s health. Through this passion, she hopes to cater to patients’ needs to allow them to maintain a high quality of life. After shadowing a pelvic floor therapist and having a physiotherapy placement with Bloom, Claudia saw the rewarding feeling of helping individuals through pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Claudia focuses her patient’s treatment plan by orienting sessions around a meaningful task. She is a strong believer that treatment should be goal-oriented and patient-focused to provide an individualized treatment plan. Claudia is looking forward to starting her career by helping individuals achieve their goals.

When she is not working at Bloom, she is helping individuals with neurological conditions obtain more function and independence through their everyday tasks. When not practicing as a physiotherapist, Claudia enjoys living an active lifestyle filled with outdoor activities including swimming, biking, hiking and running.

Services provided in English and/or French.


As a new grad, Claudia is looking forward to expanding her knowledge to cater to her patients. She is a strong believer in evidence-based practice and is looking forward to taking more courses to help current moms, soon-to-be moms and female athletes. She has completed her Pelvic Health Solutions level 1, which focuses on treating urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Claudia is looking forward to expanding her post-graduate education throughout her career. 



In her down time, Claudia can be found moving around across the city by foot or on her bike. When not in the city, Claudia is most likely out in Gatineau Park swimming, biking, skiing, or trail running. Her weekends are often fully booked with outdoor activities and movement.

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