Dr. Andrea Proulx


Clinical Practice Area: Women’s Health

Areas of Interest: Sports Performance, Hormone & Digestive Health, Muscle & Body Composition, Mood Health 

Women who exercise can change the world! They feel confident and strong in body and mind. This is what guides Dr Andréa as she works with her patients of all genders to overcome health concerns such as gut, hormone and fatigue issues that prevent them from up-levelling their health and performance in sport and in life.

Dr Andrea has been practising for over 15 years and has a special interest in women’s hormones, perimenopause and active living. 



Women are not men, yet the vast majority of sports information is geared to men. Dr. Andrea is so passionate about giving active women and female athletes the care they deserve to perform everyday as well as in sport. She actively researches, reviews scientific journals and attends conferences on women’s health, peri-menopause and women in sport to dive deep into the unique biochemical, hormonal and emotional needs of these active people. Having taught Biochemistry and Sports Nutrition to holistic nutritionists, Dr. Andrea is always critically combining the latest research to implement safe, up-to-date and effective treatments.



Having overcome her own chronic pain and menstrual issues through naturopathic medicine, Dr. Andrea continues to compete internationally in Ultimate Frisbee and enjoy her time cycling, cross-country skiing, weight lifting and playing outside.