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Move Mindfully with
Functional Fitness

Enhance your rehab program or success in reaching your fitness and health goals by working with our in house fitness pros who also have the advantage of working closely with and learning directly from our Physiotherapists.


Hypopressives: For Abdominal & Pelvic Health

Led by kerri morrison-mccabe, physiotherapist assistant & personal trainer

Originally developed in Spain and fairly new to North America, Hypopressives trains the body as a unit using postural and respiratory tasks, focusing on myofascial stretching, diaphragm mobilization and core stabilization while avoiding excessive demands of increased intra-abdominal pressure.  The technique targets the deep core musculature and its synergistic function, while assisting to redistribute pressures of the thorax, abdominal, and pelvic cavities. Hypopressives require no equipment and are easily integrated into a home practice.  

A few of the benefits in the practice include:

  • enhances posture
  • prevents all types of herniation
  • regulates or improves respiratory parameters
  • prevents or reduces symptoms of urinary incontinence
  • improves management of intra-abdominal and pelvic pressures, including diastasis recti (DRA)
  • prevents musculoskeletal injuries through better alignment
  • improves lumbo -pelvic stabilization
  • enhances quality of life and well being
6 class series; 5 people max

Mat Pilates

taught by vanessa novini, certified stott pilates instructor

Performed on the floor, mat pilates exercises focus on improving core strength, flexibility and mobility. Through mind-body awareness the exercises promote proper spinal alignment while working all muscle groups. This class aims to improve posture, balance, movement and overall fitness.

12 class session, 8 people max


Senior's Mat Pilates

taught by vanessa novini, certified stott pilates instructor

Mat pilates for seniors aims to improve core strength and flexibility, with a special focus on mobility and balance. Performed on a mat, the exercises can be modified to accommodate for comfort. As in all pilates classes the goals are the same: improved posture, balance and movement.

12 class session, 8 people max