Happy Hinging

5 Minute Movements: Happy Hinging

Happy Hinging & Happy Monday.  We know you have a busy schedule and sometimes finding time to exercise can be a daunting task. Being consistent with movement, even in small spurts, is much more effective than sporadic exercise.

Kerri Morrison-McCabe has put together a beginner circuit that can be used as a warm-up for the day ahead, or a full 15- minute circuit if it is repeated 3-4 times. Working on hinging patterns is a great way to prepare the body for daily bending and lifting tasks. If you want to amp up your movement, combine with Kerri’s previous routine Stability Junkie

Todays Muscle Focus: thoracic mobility, hinging, shoulder stability, hip alignment, rotary and spinal stability, gluteal activation, axial extension.

HORSESTANCE-ALTERNATE ARM AND LEG EXTENSION: 10 second hold, repeat 3-5 times each side

Align on all fours, place hands and knees at 90 degrees from torso, spread fingers and curl toes under, gently unweight the right hand and left knee while maintaining center, not shifting your body weight.  Splay the hand and press the toe into the floor to find more stability. Exhale, extend your arm and leg and create a straight line from hand to foot. Engage glutes to extend hip and avoid sinking into the floor.  Grow and expand.

WINDMILL PREP-THREAD THE NEEDLE : Repeat 3-5 times each direction

Align feet, knees and hips as demonstrated.  Inhale set your shoulders and find length in your spine.  INHALE create long lines from tips of fingers to palm of hand. Spread your toes. Think about pressing your hips open without losing contact with your big toe.  EXHALE imagine reaching around a ball and thread your arm through your opposite arm and knee. 


Assume a tall kneeling position with toes curled under. Press toes down and find tension up toward the glutes. Place band along inseam of hip and begin to bend maintaining a long spine (tip-don’t allow your ribs to get closer to your hips as you bend.  Once you reach close to 90 degrees think of pushing the floor away from you and engage your hips and glutes to return to start.  Ensure band is pulling back on you a little so you have something to create resistance.

BAR PUSH UPS: Repeat 8-10 times

Place hands shoulder width apart and find length in spine.  Press you toes in to the floor. Soften lumbar and activate inner and outer unit gently.  Inhale lower yourself toward bar keeping a long spine, head stays in line with spine.  Exhale push the body back to start. For added shoulder stability think about frictionning skin on palms away from center (energy out the elbows).

Rest 30 seconds. and repeat circuit 1-4 times

Remember: consistency counts and adding a few movements into your day will help you feel healthier.

For full movement details, check out Kerri’s video below! Happy Hinging!

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Written by Kerri Morrison McCabe. Kerri is a pelvic health, breath and movement coach specializing in working with women, particularly those who are suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction. She believes that women (particularly mothers) are inadequately supported by the fitness industry.

Disclaimer – Everything shared is for informative purposes only. It is not intended for assessment, diagnosis or treatment purposes. If you feel there needs to be further investigation, please seek out a qualified health care professional for a proper assessment.