Physiotherapy Assistant
& Personal Trainer

Kerri Morrison McCabe


Areas of Interest: Women’s & Pelvic health, Functional Movement & Strength

Kerri Morrison McCabe is a pelvic health, breath and movement coach specializing in working with women, particularly those who are suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction. She believes that women (particularly mothers) are inadequately supported by the fitness industry.

Her 20 years experience in the industry, as well as her own journey through pregnancy, delivery and the healing process that ensued, has created a passion to reverse that trend.

Kerri’s solutions-based system combines mind-body concepts, corrective exercise and strength and conditioning. Kerri is among only a few elite trainers in Ottawa combining the Hypopressive technique into her programming. It combines respiratory training, fascial stretching, global postural concepts and creates synergy in core function.

Kerri believes that learning about the physiology of the body is imperative to understanding its holistic nature. Kerri Morrison McCabe’s approach to movement awareness is intended to empower, build resiliency, strength and confidence. Kerri is able to meet the client where they are at, designing movement sequences that fit in to your lifestyle whether it is while the kids are playing at the park, in the office or at the airport. Life is too short to perform exercise you dread. You will work together to build routines that are fun, effective and sustainable.



Ever committed to learning new things and meeting new people, when not working, you can most likely find her in her kitchen whipping up new recipes or in the yoga studio pushing her limits.

She also enjoys nature whenever she can, with running, biking and cross-country skiing being among her favourite outdoor activities.