Postnatal Tips with Sarah Trottier: Lifting and carrying your baby’s carseat

Postnatal Tips with Sarah Trottier: Lifting and Carrying Your Baby’s Car Seat

To all the new and expecting moms (and dads) out there. It’s estimated that two-thirds of new
moms experience low back pain, often attributed to heavy work, including lifting, carrying and
breastfeeding your new bundle of joy and love. Caring for your newborn is a lot of work (filled
with a lot of reward), be kind to your own body too! Lifting and carrying your baby’s car seat effectively helps reduce pain and injury during the postnatal period.

Sarah Trottier, Physiotherapist has put together a great video on some great tips for lifting your
car seat and alternative ways to carry your car seat.

Sarah Trottier PT

Sarah Trottier, Physiotherapist has a clinical focus in women’s and pelvic health. She currently lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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