Allyship & Collaboration

We know how important health is to everyone – even more so now with recent world events and the increasing demands of daily life. Even in Canada, health is a privilege.

This shift in social awareness and the recent gift of time has allowed us to start becoming allies and give back to those in need. We are taking one step at a time, the best and most authentic way we know how – by providing access to a variety of low barrier specialized private healthcare options for low income, new Canadian, and young or Indigenous women through the perinatal period.

Collaborating with local community groups, we are providing educational and practical handouts, subsidized health workshops, and access to our newly created Pay it Forward Fund – which will support access to subsidized private healthcare such as Physiotherapy for expectant and new Moms. 

We will be accepting donations from this time onwards to reach our goals of providing subsidized private health care to at least 5 women within the next year. All proceeds from this public access fund go to supporting these women. 

Thank you in advance for any amount you are able to contribute.

Follow us on Instagram  or Facebook or email our admin team to learn more about what we are doing and how you can support us in supporting others.

Applications for our Pay it Forward Fund are to be completed and submitted by a regulated health care provider. Individuals are welcome to bring this application to their providers to submit on their behalf.