Sexual & Reproductive

Bring More Joy & Pleasure

Health is a combination of all facets of our lives, including the physical and mental/emotional, but also the social, including sexual and/or reproductive wellbeing. 

Join Bloom practitioners and guest collaborators to feel supported in this important and often under recognized aspect of our lives. 


Moon Rhythm Yoga

This 6 week live virtual yoga series is based on empowering our inner divine feminine energy by exploring the more subtle 28-day lunar & feminine rhythm, and integrating this cycle into our awareness.

In our 90-minute weekly sessions together we will discuss current moon cycles and use various tools to awaken the intuitive and subtle feminine power within all of us. Together we will hold safe space to slow down, speak, dance, move, meditate and chant amidst the solar & masculine over-culture.

Please Note: This is a healing space for the feminine. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated. This workshop is open to anyone willing to explore, regardless of gender identity.


Fertility Yoga Therapy

In this Yoga Therapy class series designed for folks trying to conceive, you’ll have a chance to practice with others who know the path to becoming (and staying) pregnant can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.

Many people find a yoga and mindfulness practice encourages and sustains a supportive connection to their body throughout the process. In this nourishing yoga class series you’ll practice sequences and poses for stress reduction, enhanced blood flow & circulation as well as time to integrate your experiences in working towards conception and a healthy pregnancy.

With our small class size, we will be able to individually customize our sessions to fit your needs and comforts. 

Includes a 60 min one on one intake session (a value of $115) and this class may be covered under private health benefits. Check with your provider and make sure to book your intake session before the start of classes. Book with Jennifer here.

Classes are limited to 5 participants for more individual care.


Yoga for Menopause

The transitional period between perimenopause and menopause can be especially challenging for women experiencing the discomforts of fluctuating hormone levels. Some women may only experience mild symptoms, for many others they may experience a myriad of possible symptoms, some quite debilitating. While yoga is not a cure for this stage of life, for instance it may not be specifically able to influence estrogen production, specific postures and practices may help relax the nervous system and may improve endocrine function so the body can better adapt to it’s changing hormonal landscape. 

Virtual drop ins may be available depending on space. Check back within 1 week of class date for availability & drop in registration.

More info & conditions. Not covered under private health benefits.