5 Minute Movements: Stability Junkie

How many of you think you don’t have time to exercise? This is something we hear time and time again from our clients, especially new mama’s. Exercise does not have to be hours long to be effective, nor do you need fancy equipment. What is most important is consistency, which builds up over time. Stability is important during movement.

Below is an example of a 5 minute workout that you can easily fit into your day. This can combined into a circuit for a longer workout if you have more time.

Muscle Focus: Chest opening, shoulder stability, hip alignment, rotary stability and spinal stability, axial extension.

SERRATUS WALL SLIDES (exhale 4 seconds up, inhale 3 sec. down) x 6-8

Draw shoulder blades back and down toward center of spine while simultaneously rolling roller up wall, remain engaged through center and down through feet.

WALL SIT WITH ARM PRESSES (exhale up the wall) x 8-12

Lengthen spine along wall, step approximately 3 feet away from wall until you reach a 90 degree angle at knee and hip, soften sacrum and engage inner and outer unit gently, place arms overhead and be sure to avoid your lower back coming away from the wall. 

HIP BRIDGE PLUS LEG EXTENSION (hold 3 sec.) x 4-6 each side

Place feet underneath knees and dorsiflex ankles and place feet and knees together.  Press hips off floor and engage glutes and inner thigh. (Exhale extend one leg while not allowing knees to pull apart).


Align on all fours, place hands and knees at 90 degrees from torso, spread fingers and curl toes under, gently unweight the right hand and left knee while maintaining center, not shifting your body weight.  Splay the hand and press the toe into the floor to find more stability.

Rest 30 sec. and repeat circuit 1-4 times

Visit the video below for more details on the specific movements.

Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre

Written by Kerri Morrison McCabe. Kerri is a pelvic health, breath and movement coach specializing in working with women, particularly those who are suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction. She believes that women (particularly mothers) are inadequately supported by the fitness industry.

Disclaimer – Everything shared is for informative purposes only. It is not intended for assessment, diagnosis or treatment purposes. If you feel there needs to be further investigation, please seek out a qualified health care professional for a proper assessment.

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