Adaptability, Creativity & Telemedicine

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we all are having to think fast and become even more adaptable and creative in how we work. For us in the healthcare industry this includes how we provide care for those who are unable to make it in person to the clinic to receive care. However, we understand this can be uncertain for many. Let us help you understand how this can be a good thing.

At Bloom, our team truly believe in the power of self awareness and understanding, a patient’s ability to learn and affect personal meaningful change, and the ability of our providers to be guides along this part of people’s health journey. This is something that we are always mindful of and integrate to our in person care; however, it appears to be even more relevant and important as we transition some to online care and telemedicine

By connecting you with your Physiotherapist over Telerehab, we are keeping you supported, empowered and on track towards your original health and treatment goals; all with the same quality of care that you would expect from an in person visit. With a slight alteration in the way that you are used to receiving care.

We can use this time as a unique opportunity to help patients further develop their ability to tune in to themself, understand what certain sensations mean and how they can provide themself with relief and improvement, expanding their self care tool box. Learn to “fix” yourself with the guidance, knowledge and expertise of our advanced care practitioners. See our recent blog on the efficacy of Telerehab and virtual Physiotherapy care.

We are working hard to bring you more content, answer questions and give you as much information as possible as it relates to this newer Telerehab service. Follow us on social media or email us directly to tell us more of what you’d like to see or questions you may have.

In the meantime, here are a few things YOU can do to help you get the most out of your virtual appointment. 

1. Ensure that your Jane profile and contact information is up to date, including emergency contacts prior to your appointment. We require this, by law, to be able to provide Telerehab services. 

2. Complete the Jane online Telemedicine Intake Form (in your Jane Profile > Intake Forms) so that we can more efficiently and effectively provide care by knowing what equipment you have available at home. If you do not have any of the equipment listed on the Intake Form, no problem. We are very creative about using everyday household items as therapy tools or exercise equipment. 

3. For Physiorehab patients only: Download (free, for any device), as well as Embodia(free). Make sure all relevant software (i.e. internet browser) is up to date, including even restarting your device. Ensure you are nearby a strong internet connection via wifi or ethernet cable. We advise closing all other programs on your computer during your session. 

4. Log in to your practitioners’ virtual waiting room at least 5 minutes prior to the start time of your appointment.

For Physiorehab patients only: Via your Embodia invite email (provided at least 24 hour in advance of you appointment).

For Naturopathic or Nutrition patients: Info provided in your Jane reminder email that is automatically sent out 3 days prior to your appointment.

**Please check your junk mail as needed. 

5. Contact the Front Desk immediately if you are having any last minute technical difficulties at 613-725-9496. For any other technical support, please contact Embodia Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm EST.

6. Ensure you are in a relatively quiet, private and clear space big enough for you to lay down, sit, stand and move with at least 3-4m+ of distance around you. Think about where and how your device will be situated &/or supported to allow for the best interaction through video. 

For Physiorehab patients only:
7. Have any exercise or therapy equipment that you may need for your session on hand including but not limited to exercise bands, weights, balls, rollers, yoga mats, yoga props, a chair, etc. If you don’t have any of these things, do not worry! We can get creative about what you have in your house. 

8. Please wear shorts and a tank top, or form fitted clothing (for us to be able to more easily assess movement).

We look forward to continuing to serve you during this time and appreciate your understanding and continued support.

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